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About Me

Hi, I am Char, an experienced makeup artist specializing in special effects makeup. I find joy in transforming characters and creatures from the imagination into reality. I'm continually enhancing my skills and learning new techniques, which has established me as a trusted artist in the industry. My portfolio showcases a wide array of work, with projects from films to private events and theme parks. I work freelance and at Universal Studios Orlando as a prosthetic makeup artist. As a freelance artist, I provide a variety of cosmetics and body art services for everything from independent films, private events, and online streaming to theme parks and much more. I eat, sleep, and breathe making monsters and bringing characters to life and it's my pleasure to share that passion with you! 

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As seen in HORRID Magizine

My Story

Starting at 18, I discovered my love for body painting, eventually leading me to establish a successful company in New York. This company offered teams of body painters for large-scale events in the tri-state area. Over time, I expanded my skills to include beauty makeup and special effects, continuously refining my techniques through training and workshops. As a freelance artist, I have worked on various projects, including independent films, makeup brand promotions, events, and conventions. In 2021, I joined the renowned team at Universal Studios as an SFX makeup artist, where I have been able to develop my expertise further, working there both in the lab for fabrication and applying makeup for a wide range of seasonal events. I invite you to explore my portfolio on my website, where you can witness the evolution of my artistry. Whether you're looking for body art or transformative makeup and special effects, I am excited to bring your vision to life. Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey. I look forward to connecting with you and turning your ideas into reality.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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